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    Contact: Sal Salvo
    Address: 4 Campus Drive, Parsippany, NJ 07054
    Phone: 973.285.3580
    Fax: 973.975.4499



    Summit Financial Resources, one of the preeminent independent financial planning firms, provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services for high net worth individuals, including physicians. Since 1982, Summit Financial Resources has experienced strong growth as a result of the trust and confidence they have built with clients.

    When managing your finances, think of all of the people you need to consult:

    • Certified Public Accountants
    • Estate and Tax Attorneys
    • Certified Financial Planners
    • Estate, Insurance, and Benefits Consultants
    • Investment Advisers
    • Portfolio Strategists
    • Administrative Personnel

    "We built all of the expertise under one roof so working with Summit Financial Resources is like bringing all of these people in one room to advise you on your affairs" ~ Sal Salvo, Co-Founder and Principal of Summit Financial Resources

    This in-house multi-disciplined team can help solve the complex planning problems unique to physicians. The Comprehensive Financial Plan has pushed Summit ahead of the curve for the past 30 years. Summit is different than other firms that specialize in just insurance or investments. Instead, Summit offers the opportunity to combine the expertise of financial advisors in every field into one team focused on achieving your goals.

    Summit Financial Resources is privately owned and independent, and focuses on helping our clients achieve their goals through an unbiased, objective and thorough approach to financial planning and wealth management. In order to achieve these goals, Summit has built a team which provides sophisticated financial planning, wealth management and income tax planning solutions for our physician clients. All planning fees include a money back guarantee - the client decides, no questions asked, and MSNJ members will receive a 20% discount.

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